Sauna affects the body in multiple ways. High temperature (60 to 110 °C) contributes to significant skin congestion. Up to a certain level sauna may regulate blood pressure, however those with higher blood pressure should be very careful in its use.  Sauna raises body temperature approximately about 1 to 2°C. Better congestion and body heating supports mobility of muscles and joints, and it reduces the pain as well. Higher temperature activates sebaceous glands and helps to drain toxins. It has significant detoxifying and cosmetic meaning. Sauna is one of the most universal therapies and it also has important place in prevention from various diseases from cold. 



Cooling of the body after a hot sauna therapy (no matter if Finish or infra red sauna) is the essential step and it is very popular to do it in the cooling pool. It is recommended to stay in the pool with water temperature up to 15°C for 1 or 2 minutes. After sauna bath, cooling pool causes the drop of body temperature by fresh air and cold water effect. Cooling makes body feel refreshed; it activates important impulses in organs producing hormones in the nervous system and influences metabolism and immunity.



Infrared heating cabin is one of the alternative types of sweating baths. It represents a modern way of sauna usage originated in new trends. Energy is getting from special infrared heaters with wavelength similar to that of a human body. Infrared heaters create an ideal temperature for pleasurable relax in cabin. They reach lower temperatures (35 to 55°C) and in order to superheat the body it is necessary to stay in a cabin approximately for 25 to 30 minutes. The main difference in comparison to traditional sauna is the fact that infrared light permeates deep into the tissues. Sweating is therefore more intense and surface layers of the skin are not overheated by the hot air. Thanks to that infrared sauna helps to dissolve and excrete toxins, to clean pores and eliminate dead cells. It also contributes to greater energy absorption and reduction of fats. Regular use of infrared sauna helps weight reduction and cellulite problems. It strengthens immunity so the body is more resistant to cold, physical activity and mental stress. Infrared sauna heat has proven effects in therapy of rheumatics, arthritis, skin diseases; it improves heart problems and problems of high blood pressure. It makes one feel newly born and absolutely relaxed. Infrared sauna creates perfect harmony and balance of body and soul.


Sitting in whirlpool is beneficial in many aspects for body, not only physical but mental as well. In combination with simple underwater exercises the whirlpool helps to reduce problems of osteoporosis, arthritis, to improve kinetics and muscularity. It represents an ideal way of relaxation and calming of inner spirit. By placing your feet directly to water jets you may enjoy effective reflex massage. Water jets help to relax muscles and joints. Intense use of water jets brings the effect of a deep massage of tissues. Whirlpool is also recommended for body regeneration after sport injuries. Hot water and bubbles rise the body temperature and improve the circulation. What is important is to maintain prescribed time and rules when using the whirlpool, since it may be risky for people with certain groups of diagnosis. 





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