Medicine research has proven beneficial effects of massage for a human body including pain release, decrease in anxiety and depression effects, and temporary lowering of the blood pressure and the heartbeat. Appropriate massage shall bring your body relax and regeneration. Select the perfect massage based on your actual needs and state out of our offered massages.

Classic relaxing massage – has general stimulating and relaxing effect for the whole body. 

Reflex foot massage – stimulates the skin, mental state and the whole body. 

Back and nape massage – relaxing massage ideal for those who suffer with back and nape pain as the result of everyday strain and stress.

Cupping – a part of traditional Chinese medicine constituting alternative method that is based on connection of acupuncture meridians to inner organs of the body. 

Lymphatic drainage – releases surface lymphatic vessels and helps to drain excessive fluids out of human body.


Classic relaxing massage 60 min 25 €
  90 min 35 €
Reflex foot massage 30 min 13 €
  60 min 25 €
Back and nape massage 30 min 13 €
Cupping 60 min 25 €
Lymphatic drainage 120 min 45 €

If you are interested in any of our massages, you need to book your appointment at the hotel reception minimum 24 hours in advance.



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Hotel surrounding offers various possibilities. Apart from swimming in the water reservoir, you may visit castles and touristic places such as Sninský kameň and Vihorlatské jazero situated in close surrounding, or attend music and cultural events.